December 17, 2019

Much to be Thankful for

This time of year I am prone to reflect on the gifts of life for which I am most thankful. I hope that by sharing my list with you that you might do the same with your own list with those for whom you care the most.


I am thankful for the clients I work with that challenge me in ways that they may never realize and in return provide me with rewards beyond my own belief.

I am thankful for the chill of fall, the warmth of spring, and brilliant colors of both seasons. 

I am thankful for low interest rates, relatively high employment, and an economics degree that helps me make some sense of both.

I am thankful that this past year I had the opportunity to tour Costa Rica. see fall foliage in New England, play tennis in Florida, enjoy the French Quarter in New Orleans, drive the NW Pacific Coast from SF to Seattle, and enjoy the best bbq in Kansas City.

I am thankful to have had a mom  who inspired me with her tremendous spirit and passion for life and a dad that left this world way before his time but who lives within me each moment of the day.

I am thankful that almost each day my computer turns on and works flawlessly despite the bombardment of spam, spyware, and nasty viruses.

I am thankful that I live in a country where my religious faith is used less as a sword and more as a shield.

I am thankful for the great entrepreneurs of our time such as Ray Kroc, Bill Gates, and Herb Kelleher who have through their own classic examples set magnificent examples for the entrepreneurs of the future.

I am thankful for having relatively good health that allows me to walk, swim, play tennis, and barely keep up with two rambunctious sons.

I am thankful that despite all of the complexities of business today, despite the overwhelming assortment of technologies we are plagued by, despite the ever-increasing number of adverse events we as business owners face each day; the basic principles of business have stayed steadfast. It’s still all about solving customer’s problems profitably.

I am thankful that at the age of eighteen, I followed my instincts and traveled a great distance to pursue my post-secondary education which resulted in a great academic experience, a band of lifelong friends, and the opportunity to meet the girl of my dreams and my life partner for thirty-seven years.

Lastly, I am quite thankful that Small Business still Matters