September 28, 2023

Greatness Really is Possible with Scott Wozniak

Scott Wozniak, CEO of Swoz Consulting, has consulted with leaders on six continents, including Silicon Valley startups, family enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies. A member of Mensa, Scott reads over 200 books each year and has written three books, with a fourth coming at the end of 2023. He earned a master’s degree in business with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership. Scott has worked with some of the leading brands of our time including multiple Silicon Valley “unicorns” and Nucor Steel.

During an eight-year tenure with Chick-fil-A, Scott worked directly with the founding family and executive team to design leadership development programs, set strategy, and lead company-wide upgrades—and though he is not an employee there anymore, he regularly consults with their leaders. Scott enjoys working with leaders who have a passion for being great.

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Show Notes:

In this episode, CEO of Swoz Consulting and 2021 SBM Conference speaker Scott Wozniak drops by to chat with Tim. Scott shared his thoughts on virtual vs. in-person work environments, the critical need for leaders to create clarity, and working with Chick-fil-A. Tune in to learn the importance of connection, community, and collaboration, how COVID accelerated change, and the role of today’s small business CEO.


Episode Highlights:

  • What Matters to Small Business [0:02:28]
  • Discovering a New Career [0:03:50]
  • The Leadership Performance [0:08:44]
  • Lessons Learned at Chick-fil-A [0:12:38]
  • Creating Clarity [0:16:47]
  • Post Covid Leadership [0:20:40]
  • In Person vs. Virtual Workplace [0:22:35]
  • Swoz Consulting [0:26:08]
  • Book Release: Make Your Brand Legendary [0:30:16]
  • Rapid Fire [0:32:04]
  • Takeaways [0:37:34]
  • Contact Information [0:38:25]
  • SBM Announcements [0:39:12]