December 2, 2022

Becoming Unstoppable with Jonathan Page

In 2013, Jonathan left a mid-sized firm, where he served as corporate counsel for large privately-held corporations and small businesses, to found InPrime Legal – a revolutionary way for businesses to approach legal. In doing so, he left the bloody red ocean of the traditional “bill-you-for-every-minute” law firm model and created a “blue ocean” of proactive and predictable legal services for small to mid-sized companies.

For the past three years, Jonathan has been recognized by Georgia Trend as one of Georgia’s Legal Elite and by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star. Under Jonathan’s leadership, the Cobb Chamber of Commerce recognized InPrime Legal as a Top 25 Small Business for 2018.

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Show Notes:

In this episode, Jonathan talks about the courage it takes to start your own business, the importance of advocating for your vision as a small business leader, how commitment to your business goals drives success, and how at its core, the purpose of every business it to serve its customers.

Episode Highlights:

• What Matters to Small Business [0:02:18] • Milestones Along the Way [0:04:17] • Common Growth Issues [0:07:48] • What’s Changed in Small Business [0:11:11] • An Advocate Leader [0:13:09] • Changing the Business Model [0:15:45] • Interim CEO [0:19:23] • Rapid Fire [0:24:39] • Takeaways [0:28:12] • Contact Information [0:29:08] • SBM Announcements [0:29:51]