December 21, 2022

Developing a Legacy Company with Lisa Dugan

Lisa Dugan helps business owners and executives achieve their individual vision of success. She has been a Chairperson for 10 years with Vistage International and Partner and Executive Coach for 25 years with Bixler Consulting Group. In addition, Lisa co-authored several business books on executive presence and advancement strategies for success and is a popular presenter and panel moderator at Vistage International conferences and seminars.

She is also an Executive MBA Advisory Board Member and Adjunct Professor at Kennesaw State University. Lisa is determined to add value to her clients’ businesses, whether they’re starting up, growing up, or selling out.


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Show Notes:

In this episode, Lisa describes the role of the small business CEO as quarterback and the importance of a strong support team around them. She also talks about the need to develop leaders sooner and how to close the readiness gap. Lisa, Tim, and Taylor discuss the reasons CEOs need to have tough, honest conversations with their employees and the courage it takes to lead a company today.

Episode Highlights:

• What Matters to Small Business [0:03:55] • The Engagement Process [0:06:09] • Post COVID Business [0:07:48] • New Growth Pattern [0:10:15] • Issues Facing Today’s CEO [0:12:03] • Wearing the Business Coach Hats [0:14:17] • What to Expect from a Vistage Group [0:16:06] • Keys to Establishing a Strategy [0:17:58] • Strategy vs. Execution [0:19:37] • Attributes of an Outstanding Leader [0:21:11] • Weak Leadership Traits [0:24:17] • Rapid Fire [0:25:12] • Takeaways [0:28:55] • Contact Information [0:30:08] • SBM Announcements [0:30:47]