February 5, 2015

2019 Conference

The 2019 SBM Conference was a huge success thanks to 11 expert speakers, 10 generous sponsors, and 200+ attendees. Everyone left the event with High Hopes. Take a Look.

The Small Business Matters Conference is Atlanta’s Most Exclusive Business Conference


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Being a small business operator is tough. Limited time, energy, and resources constantly result in entrepreneurs working in their business rather than on it. More, it never gets easier, no matter how successful your business is.

The Small Business Matters Conference provides an exclusive, TED-like venue for growth-minded small business operators to innovate their business. This Conference was created four years ago with one simple objective: enhance the lives of small business owners by dedicating a day to new ideas, reflection, collaboration, and fun. To achieve this goal, we have partnered with world-class speakers, facilitators, and sponsors. All in the name of Small Business.

The Conference will be held at City Springs Conference Center in Sandy Springs on Friday, May 17 and will feature over 200 of Atlanta’s most-recognized small business leaders. Breakfast and lunch are included in the ticket price. 



The Small Business Matters Conference is hosted by Tim Fulton, a nationally recognized small business advocate and consultant. Tim is one of Atlanta’s best-connected small business coaches and is highly respected in the community. He served as an Atlanta leader of Vistage (an international organization for CEOs) and GrowSmart (the leading entrepreneurial training program in Georgia), and is the author of two books Small Business Matters, a 10-year collection of his popular entrepreneurial essays, and Small Business & All That Jazz.

Tim’s vision for the conference is simple, “Exceed the expectations of participants by providing an exceptional experience of growth, connecting, and fun.” With this, the Small Business Matters Conference aims to stimulate your thinking with speaker topics that include:

  • Leadership: The secret to servant leadership and understanding millennial employees. 
  • Marketing: Embracing digital marketing and making better web presence decisions.
  • Entrepreneurship: Structuring operations for sustainable success. 
  • Work-Life Balance: Understanding how your personal health and mindset impact your work and your team.

“It’s the single most focused conference in Atlanta for small business owners.”
– Scott Pate,Sierra Piedmont, Inc.

“A nicely paced conference full of information that goes beyond business to give participants ways to become better personally and professionally.”
– Mike Iverson,Trillium Financial

“The whole day your mind is thinking about new topics and new things.”
– Cameron Reebals, WIKA Instrument Corporation

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Click Here & Use Promo Code ‘VIP’ to Save $100